About Us

[This website is no longer active. Please visit http://www.pawpawshowcompany.com and http://www.sandybigara.com]



The theatrical entertainment and education company with a strong emphasis on COMMUNITY and SOCIAL OUTREACH.

Paw Paw Productions SA was formed in late 2007, in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The company is run by local performer Sandy Bigara. To date over eight hundred thousand (800, 000) children across the social spectrum have participated in a Paw Paw show.


The aim of Paw Paw Productions SA is to bring educational content to schools across Southern Africa with a strong focus on entertainment. Our shows are lively, fun and informative, providing a great platform for discussion in the classroom. Our greatest response of course is from the children, but coming in a close second are the educators themselves who comment on the strong discipline that we administer during shows, as well as the level of interaction between cast and children. The shows are written and directed by a ‘retired’ young teacher who understands the need for the children to return to their classroom environment as calm as possible. With this in mind, all high level interaction takes place towards the beginning and middle of the shows, with calming interaction taking place at the end.

We strive to streamline ourselves to the educational syllabus of the schools we encounter. We have so far tackled issues that are relevant and present in schools today. We spend time with each school Principal, finding out what the learner needs are at the schools we visit, catering for those needs in our play content.


We are currently involved in wonderful shows teaching children about, Animal Anti-Cruelty, Human trafficking, Road Safety and Science.

If your company needs a comprehensive Road Show then call us.

We are at present looking for sponsorship for approx. 80 School Sign Boards for schools throughout KZN. If your company is able or willing to get involved please contact Sandy Bigara admin.pawpaw@gmail.com

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